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What environment is suitable for electric transfer car?


What environment is suitable for electric transfer car?

The use environment of electric transfer car is generally suitable for the more severe environment. So it requires the motor and battery more durable. It can adapt to dust, high temperature, rugged road environment and so on.
Secondly, the electric transfer car has higher requirements on frame materials and welding process. The thickness of pipe materials used for its frame is more than 2.5. The welding adopts carbon dioxide protection welding with high welding density and great tensile strength, which is not easy to break.
Rail powered transfer car is used for battery as the power, electric motor as the drive to pull goods or pull people with the means of transport; Power as a kind of environmental protection, clean, high conversion rate of important energy, power was applied to drive the transfer car to upgrade, promote low carbon development of transportation industry, reduce transportation cost, save energy and protect the environment, is one of the important problems in the study all over the world. After decades of development,  it has been applied in urban public transport car, factories and mines electric transportation car, electric city sanitation clean car, engineering, tunnel, subway construction special vehicles, and many other fields.
Rail powered transfer car with its strong applicability, mobile recording, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, low price and other advantages. 
It can flexibly walk through the narrow road. Electric transfer car is widely used in the family, urban, rural individual rental, factory district sanitation, community cleaning and other short-distance transportation areas.

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