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What are the safe operation procedures of electric transfer car?


What are the safe operation procedures of electric transfer car?

Any equipment safe operation procedures of the electric transfer car, operation, the first is to ensure safety, on the basis of safety, and then efficiency.
How to use electric transfer car?
1.The operator should read the manual carefully before use, and be familiar with the principle and operation process of the equipment.
2.Confirm that there are no stacked objects within 1 meter of each side of the track and in the middle of the track.
3.Check the contact between the conductive column and the track. If it is not in contact, please manually restore it.
4. Check whether the wiring head of the distribution box is loose or the ignition trace. Check whether the wiring head in the wiring pit and the copper bar are loose or the ignition trace.
5. After inserting into the controller, confirm that the mode is in the inching mode, and inching to confirm that the alarm alarm lamp works normally. Then, gradually test whether each button is effective, and confirm that there is no problem and then it can be used by the bullet train.
6. According to the length of transportation distance and the actual situation, switch electric control mode. Inching mode: Press the walking direction button to start walking, loosen the power button can stop long Dynamic model: After walking direction button, transfer cars can start walking, even after the release can, need of parking need to press the stop button. No matter what kind of mode, there's an emergency, please press the stop button, the button once the movement, the transfer car stop immediately. 

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