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Precautions for using an electric flatbed truck


 The electric flat car is mainly used with dynamic lifting and transporting water billet car, etc.; electric kiln loading car and electric kiln out car for brick factory, kiln factory, refractory factory, ceramic factory, roasting factory, etc.; electric transport car for engineering, tunnel, sanitation, electric tipping car, electric sanitation cleaning car, etc. Electric transporters and electric tippers are also used in flour mills, mineral processing plants, foundries, chemical plants, furnace plants, farms, etc. But the safe use of any machine is very important, what should we pay attention to when using electric flat carts? Take a look at the following instruments.
electric transfer carts
  Electric flat car before operation

  1, the operator should carefully read the manual that comes with the vehicle before use, familiar with the principle of the equipment and operating procedures.

  2, check the conductive column and track contact status, if not in contact with the need for manual rehabilitation.

  Electric flat car in operation

  1、In the use of the vehicle, pay attention to the material shall not be stacked higher than 1.5 meters, to ensure that the material is stacked firmly, not loose, not overloaded, not over-width, not over-length.

  2、Equipment operators should concentrate on operating the vehicle, pay attention to the situation in front of the direction of travel, and investigate the operation of other equipment around to ensure that the operation does not collide with other equipment. Equipment operators shall not do work unrelated to their work during operation.

  3, in close proximity to the end of the track, pay attention to the choice of point action form, parking in advance to prevent impact block, resulting in material due to inertia slide down injury.
  After running the electric flat car
  After parking, you need to check the condition of the vehicle again, such as whether the conductive equipment is normal and whether there is any abnormality in the distribution box with the vehicle, then unplug the controller, lock the distribution box with the vehicle and cut off the control power of the electric flat car.

  Other matters of note for electric flat cars

  1. the electric flat trolley shall not be used as other working channels, on which other working items such as welding, gas welding, etc. are carried out.

  2. The track must be insulated and no watering and other operations must be carried out on the ground in the middle and near the sides of the track to prevent electric shock and equipment damage.

  3. The block at the end of the track is only used as a safe protection method, and shall not be used as a daily parking equipment practice.

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