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Sichuan Yaan BZP electric turntable rail transfer car delivery success!


 The brief introduction of the client:

  Yaan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd established in 2022, the business scope includes general projects: solar power generation technical services; New material technology research and development; Sales of special equipment for semiconductor devices; Science and technology intermediary services; Integrated circuit chip design and service; Chemical product sales; Information consulting services; Educational advisory services; Sales of photovoltaic equipment and components; Import and export of goods; Technology import and export; Import and export agent; Financial advice; Business management consulting.

The introduction of product:
  The electric turntable rail transfer car is an electric flat car that helps a rail flat car turn on a track. The electric rail flat car rotates 90 degrees or at any Angle by cooperating with the electric turntable rail transfer car, and crosses from one track to another track to realize the path adjustment of the rail flat car handling. The electric rail turntable car can reduce the number of lanes, save money, and improve the handling efficiency, which is suitable for the ring track and cross transport track of the equipment production line.

The maintain of the equipment:

  1.Check and maintain the electric turntable regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

  2. Clean the surface and interior of the electric turntable in time to avoid damage to the equipment caused by dust or debris.

  3. Regularly check the power line of the electric turntable to ensure the stability of the power supply.

  4. If the electric turntable is found to be faulty or abnormal, it should be stopped immediately and asked for professional maintenance.

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