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Hubei Wuhan BGJ track inspection car delivery success!


 The brief introduction of the client:

A technology Co., LTD in Wuhan, established in 2019, its business scope includes licensed items: surveying and mapping services; Construction works; Inspection and testing services, general items: instrument sales; Sales of electrical and mechanical equipment; Pump and vacuum equipment sales; Office equipment sales; Fire equipment sales; New energy power equipment sales; Retail of computer hardware, software and auxiliary equipment; Information system integration services; Special equipment repair; Sales of Category I medical devices; Security equipment sales; Advertising design, agency; Advertising release; Municipal facilities management; Electronic special equipment manufacturing; Manufacture and sales of experimental analytical instruments; Metrological technical services; Manufacturing and sales of Internet of Things equipment; Internet of Things application services.

The introduction of product:

Track inspection car is a tool vehicle specially used to maintain and overhaul railway tracks. The main function is to check problems on the track. It can detect damage defects on the track, such as cracks, derailment and deformation, through various sensors and instruments. Once a problem is detected, worker can use the appropriate tools and equipment to fix it.

operation cautions:

1. When the car is running, do not place flammable and explosive items on both sides of the track.

2. When the track is energized, do not let the metal object be connected with two tracks at the same time.

3. Clean the track regularly to ensure good electricity.

4. Water near the track should be discharged in time.

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