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The safety device of rail transfer cart - BEFANBY


    For a rail transfer cart,the most important it that ensure the safety when the cart is running.There are many safety devices of rail transfer cart are installed on the rail transfer cart,for example:warning light,warning bar,limit switch,photoelectric switch,proximity switch,option switch,emergency switch,buffers,etc.
    The safety device of warning light:can choose the normal type or the anti-explosion type.When the cart is start,the warning will flash,it is used to warn workers the cart is working,don’t close to it.In general,the warning light is installed at the bottom of the rail transfer cart.The warning light is small,the light is bright,and the voice is loud.
For the warning bar,there are many color can be designed by customer’s requirements.The function equal to the warning light,be used to remind the people notice the secure when the cart is running.Normally,the warning bars are designed by the side of the cart.
    About the limit switch,as the safety devices of rail transfer cart.It is also called stroke switch.It is equipped with the end of the cart,which control the rail transfer cart go off the rails.When the running cart arrive the end of the rail,the limit switch will touch the angle iron,than the limit switch will have a lateral move,the circuit will be disconnected,so the cart will stop.
Look the photoelectric switch,the full name is photoelectric adjacent switch.Mainly is to be used to detect whether there has a person within one meter.If does,the running cart will stop automatically.In general,there are two installed on the cart,one is the front,the other is the behind.
    Proximity switch:one special switch,there has no any connect with the rail transfer cart.It does not need the power source,when the running rail transfer cart into the switch magnetic field,the switch will work.It can control the cart start,stop,go forward & backward.
    The option switch is assembled on the control box,which can build the connection with the controller,in general,the left is handle control,the right is remote control,and the middle is reset state.
    The most important switch is emergency switch,when the cart is running,there has a danger about the working cart,the operator can push the emergency switch button,than the running cart will stop,can avoid the dangerous effectively.
    About the buffer of the safety device,when the cart is working ,the buffers can absorb the impact force,so they can protect and reduce the damage of cart due to collisions.In general,there are four buffers are installed at the rail transfer cart,the two buffers in the front of cart,the other two in behind of cart.
    Our rail transfer cart adopts the best row materials and the best safety devices of rail transfer cart.Choose us is choose right.
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