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The cultural atmosphere of our office


    It is important that the cultural atmosphere whether is good and harmonious.A company''s culture atmosphere directly affect the company''s employees work enthusiasm.The purpose of work not only to earn money,but get the touch with the outside world,so the good work environment is very necessary.

    Regarding our company’s culture,I think it is very healthy,the active work cultural atmosphere make us have a good mood every day.In the morning,we will organize everyone to do morning exercises,in general,the time is about five minutes.The morning exercise mainly is to activity our body,make the arms and legs more flexiblcultural atmospheree,wake up the whole cells,then with the passion to work.So as to better work,can create more value for our company.In the afternoon,we will play the game together about ten minutes,the game has no limit,mainly is to make everyone feel happy.Normally,we would choose an interesting game,we feel very joyful.Afterthe game,everyone will be mettlesome to work,cultural atmosphere is very important for us.

    Cultural atmosphere stands for one company’s positive work attitude and rigorous work style.So create a good work environment is indispensable.
    Like one word:To live is to function. That is all there is in living.

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