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What are the methods and benefits of S-curve turning for rail turning electric transfer vehicle?


What are the methods and benefits of S-curve turning for rail turning electric transfer vehicle?

The explanation and advantages of the method of battery rail turning electric transfer vehicle to achieve the S-shaped direction of the track:
Rail turning vehicles can usually be powered by low-voltage rail or battery, but the rails are laid straight. Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. converts the straight rails into arc-shaped rails according to the actual needs of customers, and realizes turning operations. So how does the rail turning electric transfer vehicle turn to load cargo?
The flat car running on the track is a device that performs heavy-duty transportation tasks in the factory. It starts and stops without shaking, uniform speed operation, energy-saving and efficient features.The product can be used in conventional environments and can be used in harsh environments. For example, sealed high temperature environment, equipment blasting place, etc.
1.According to the customer's site and other factors, the straight car can't meet the customer's requirements, and it needs to use s-shaped, curved and other curved roads.At this time, a rotating device can be added to the flat car, so that on a certain curvature of the track get rid of the turntable, realize the s-shaped track, curved track and curved track and other kinds of curved tracks. The flexible steering mechanism of the flat car avoids the phenomenon of biting the track.
2. In order to improve the efficiency of use, a single device can be used in different workshops and workshops, using electric turntables to change rails and directions to achieve cross-workshop and workshop use.
The electric carousel needs a pit to complete the carousel's rotating device motor, reducer, gear, control system, etc. The equipment that can turn on the track not only effectively saves the investment of handling equipment, but also rationally uses space according to the structure of the plant.

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