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Heat resistant trackless electric flat car with explosion-proof function


Heat resistant trackless electric flat car with explosion-proof function

Heat resistant trackless electric flat car is a kind of working condition suitable for closed and narrow spaces in workshops and other places, containing flammable and explosive gases, such as paint spraying room, sandblasting room, liquefied petroleum gas and other places. Due to the limited space in such working conditions, large handling equipment cannot be used. Therefore, explosion-proof electric handling equipment has become the darling of such working conditions.
heat resistant trackless electric flat car is charged with lead-acid batteries to provide power for the trolley control system and transmission system, and then converted into driving force to drive the flat cars. In explosion-proof situations, anti-riot treatment should be adopted in places where current passes. Therefore, under normal circumstances, heat resistant trackless electric flat carriage is equipped with accessories such as explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof electrical boxes, explosion-proof wheels, explosion-proof handles, and explosion-proof sealed battery boxes. Since collisions between steels will generate sparks, in high-explosion-proof applications, a frame made of rubber wheels and cast iron should be used. If the user requires a higher explosion-proof level, the entire flat car can be subjected to explosion-proof treatment, and different explosion-proof schemes can be made for the flat car according to the different explosion-proof levels and the use environment.

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