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What are the technical requirements for no power rail cart?


What are the technical requirements for no power rail cart?

The no power rail cart is a rail flat car that is operated by traction or manual operation. It is mainly used in high-temperature and harsh environmental production environments. When electrical appliances, reducers and other components cannot be explosion-proof, then, in addition , What are the technical requirements for no-powered rail flat cars?
  Under normal circumstances, the main structure of non-powered rail flat car includes steel structure, shaft, bearing seat, wheels, etc., without electric control system, walking drive structure, motor, etc. In appearance, it is similar to the conventional electric flat car, but the lack of various electrical equipment greatly reduces the failure rate.
The design of no power rail cart mainly considers the requirements of tonnage and size. Normal use, maintenance and maintenance can be carried out in the workshop environment without complicated steps. The main precautions are to prevent the use of over tonnage and overload, which may cause damage to the rail car. 
  No power rail carriage occasionally enter and exit special high-temperature rooms such as paint spraying rooms and sandblasting rooms in manufacturing workshops with low frequency of use, and are used to transport sprayed materials and equipment. The structure is simple, the use is convenient, the purchase cost is low, the length * width * height of the car body size structure, the load tonnage, the special form of the table structure, the appearance paint color, etc. can be customized according to requirements.
  User technical requirements:
   1. Table size: 5500x2500mm
   2. The inner distance of the rail: 1435mm
   3. Walking mode: no power
   4. Deadweight: 200T
   5. Grid table
When sandblasting, the sand will fall to the ground through the grid. Because there is no electrical system and walking mechanism, it is not afraid of being damaged by the sand. Therefore, it adapts to the common unconventional environment. With the help of no power rail vehicle, it transports the workpieces that need to be processed. To the sandblasting room or paint spraying room, it will be transported out by flat car after special treatment.

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