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Introduction to the perfect Lead-acid battery principle


 Introduction to the perfect Lead-acid battery principle

The Lead-acid battery  used in the electric handling equipment produced by henan perfect handling equipment co., LTD. Is a chemical change in the two sets of plates inserted in dilute sulphuric acid solution, resulting in a voltage. Plate is on the plate grid (or) in the lead, steel casing coated (or down), which is mainly composed of lead oxide powder paste (or white), welding group, again through the dc charging, on the positive grid (or lead) of lead oxide, becomes the brown lead dioxide (pbo2), also called lead oxide. Lead oxide, on the negative plate grid becomes gray cloth with soft nap of lead (pb), also called sponge lead, discharging, positive and negative active material on the plate to absorb sulfuric acid chemical changes and gradually became lead sulfate (pbso4). When most of the active material on the two plates becomes the same lead sulfate, the voltage of the battery drops to no longer discharging. The Lead-acid battery  should be recharged in time to restore the original lead dioxide and lead. 

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