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Four Electric Turntable Transfer Cart


 Four Electric Turntable Transfer Cart

This case designs 4 electric turntables with a load of 20 tons and a diameter of 2800mm.


Electric turntable is installed in the foundation pit, used to carry goods or walking equipment on the track when the reversing (turning line) special equipment.  The work principle of electric turntable: The transfer car runs to the electric rotating platform, automatically rotates the electric rotating platform, and docking with the vertical track, so that the transfer car can run along the vertical track, to achieve 90 degrees turn, suitable for the ring track, cross track and other occasions of the equipment production line. 

electric turntable

The electric turntable system runs smoothly, the track docking accuracy is high, and automatic electrical control can also be realized. The turntable is arranged in a round pit, and the turntable is flush with the ground.

Electric turntable transfer carts are not just vehicles; they are strategic assets for industries seeking to optimize their material handling processes. Partner with us to harness the full potential of these specialized trolleys, propelling your industrial operations into a future of efficiency, safety, and adaptability. For more types of heavy load material handling trolley from Perfect Transfer Cart Manufacturer, you can also send inquiry to us.

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