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Customized Trackless Battery Transfer Cart Delivered


 The customer is a state-owned enterprise specializing in the production of high-voltage switches and power equipment, the production of various types of high-voltage switches, UHV power equipment, products are mainly used in domestic and foreign high-voltage power transmission, our trackless transfer cart mainly solves the problem of assembly, debugging and transportation for customers.


Being transported by trackless transfer cart is an electrical device, because the power equipment after the assembly is heavy, so the equipment from the assembly of parts to the finished product in the power commissioning need to be completed on the transfer cart, after the completion of the commissioning acceptance, the final transfer warehouse packaging and delivery.


Trackless transfer cart uses battery power supply, the advantage is that it can be anywhere in the factory, forward and backward, turn while walking, and can also rotate 360 degrees in place, which is convenient for transferring and reversing in the small space of the workshop. The car uses the wired handle and wireless remote control operation mode, and the carrying weight is 10 tons. The countertop size is 3500x2200x530, and customer feedback so far has been good.

Customized trackless battery transfer cart are not just vehicles; they are strategic assets for industries seeking to optimize their material handling processes. Partner with us to harness the full potential of these specialized trolleys, propelling your industrial operations into a future of efficiency, safety, and adaptability. For more types of heavy load material handling trolley from Perfect Transfer Cart Manufacturer, you can also send inquiry to us.

 trackless transfer cart

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