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Tend To Intelligent Cross Car-electric Flat Transfer Car


  The straddle car is a kind of handling equipment used to move from one location to another in the workshop. It is a common handling equipment for handling heavy facilities in the workshop. Most workshops rely on driving to move heavy objects, which saves a lot of employees. The burden also reduces the harm. At present, intelligent equipment has always been favored by manufacturers.

     Nowadays, straddle vehicles are becoming more and more intelligent. For example, our own AGV and RGV are equipped with a PLC control system, which can automatically carry heavy objects. The over-span car is mainly a kind of reversible over-span electric transportation flat car that can run across the workshop, which can solve the product transportation in the factory. It can also be called an electric flat car. The appearance of the car body seems to be simple in structure and convenient to use. This kind of trolley is also easy to maintain, and it has more load than straddle cars and has a stronger carrying capacity.

     The straddle has the characteristics of no pollution, which is more convenient than the old-fashioned electric straddle with pollution, and it is more in line with the country's current environmental protection concept. The straddle car can carry a weight between 300t and 50t. This type of straddle car is widely used in machine manufacturing and metallurgical plants, and can be used in the workshop to solve the problem of transporting heavy objects.

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