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Electric Trackless Rubber Tire Vehicle


Electric trackless rubber tires are also trackless electric flat cars. The wheels are solid rubber tire wheels. This solid rubber wheel has stronger weighing capacity than inflatable rubber tire wheels, and it is not easy to be damaged. It can also ensure that the road is not damaged.


    Electric trackless rubber-tyred vehicles are common trucks in many handling equipment. The coordination ability of electric trackless rubber-tyred vehicles is better than that of tracked vehicles. The electric trackless rubber-tyred vehicles generally have 4 wheels, which can better maintain balance and achieve the effect of 360-degree rotation more easily.

     Electric trackless rubber-tyred flatbed trucks can be equipped with lifting platforms and hoisting equipment according to customer requirements. They can easily load and unload molds without the cooperation of lifting equipment. It can also add functions such as weighing. Multi-faceted safety protection measures can prevent accidents.

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