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Factory motorized transfer cart


    BEFANBY motorized transfer cart is a company with 14years of experience in manufacturing carts. We have the capability of annually producing over 500 carts in varying models. Our foreign markets span are more than 20 countries and regions and are enjoying an annual 40% increase in sales. At BEFANBY, we are certain we can fill whatever type of transfer cart you may need.
    Powered by the sliding wire, the cart conducts AC 380V sliding wire directly into the AC electrical system of the transfer cart to let it start, stop, go forward, backward and so on. The motorized transfer cart gets power from the slider of the safe sliding line which is moved by the cart's running. The sliding line is limited by the installation position. It can be installed between the two rails or in the channel outside the track. For your safety and convenience, you can add boards on the channel. Through the automatic device to conduct the power in the channel directly to the rail cart. The operation system is low voltage 36V power.
    This series of motorized transfer cart can be used in the bad environment, for example, high-temperature condition. Because of its simple structure, low cost and not so strict requirement on the construction of the rails, it is the first choice for the assembly lines of the workshops. This series transfer cart is suitable for the conditions of short running distance which is no more than 50m.
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