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Perfect Electric Trolley Turntable Installation


 Perfect Electric Trolley Turntable Installation


Henan Perfect handling equipment co., LTD., the production of Electric Trolley Turntable is a cross track used in tool, it is supported by rail, steel structure, frame, rotating mechanism, motivation system, control system of Electric wheel, its general installation in a hole in the ground, mesa of rail tracks flush with the ground, to ensure accurate docking, the need for rail Electric power cart running to Electric rotary, Electric rotary starts, Rotate to the other track, and after docking, the electric flatbed trailer runs to the track. Its height is in commonly 500 mm above, according to the weight and the size of mesa height vary, its installation needs to be done to the foundation, the base is installed on the foundation, generally USES the bolted, Electric Trolley Turntable table maintenance window, brace welding step ladder, convenient for personnel to enter pit installation and maintenance. When there is water in the area, it is necessary to increase the drainage system in the pit, so as to avoid water accumulation and dampness in the pit and damage the electrical system such as motor.

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