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A brief advantage of the various electric flatcars.


   Rail Flat Car

  There are seven key performance parameters of rail flatcar: power supply system method, load capacity, cabinet counter specification, cabinet counter height to width ratio, track length, track interval, actual operation method, in which the key performance parameters are power supply system method and load capacity, the road rail electric flatcar is clear with its model specification by power supply system method and its specification model by load capacity.

  Trailing industrial rail flat car

  The KPT series of trailing cable electric flatcars operate at all times on the power supply system of the floor cable towed by the industrial rail flatcar. One end of the cable is connected to the road switch power supply and the other end is introduced to the industrial rail flatcar via the iron clamp equipment of the electric flatcar. The characteristics of this type of electric flat car is the cabinet counter height and width is relatively low, loading and unloading handling lifting objects empty easy, but the operation spacing can not be too long, generally can not exceed 100m, too long is very easy to coil the cable line.

  Electric battery series industrial rail flat car: The KPX series is a battery operated electric flatbed, powered by an electric battery.

  The battery gives AC power to the AC motor to produce electrical engineering, and the AC motor drags the industrial rail flat car into operation. The DC brushless motor has the advantage of not easily ablated, high starting torque and strong load working capacity in comparison with the AC motor.
electric transfer carts

  Small car sliding door industrial rail flat car

  The greater characteristic of this electric flat car is the absence of household appliances on the main body of the industrial rail flat car act.

  The household appliances are built into the car which can be promoted independently. When the industrial rail flatcar is in operation, the motor of the speed reducer on the car is connected to the main speed reducer of the flatcar and drives the industrial rail flatcar in operation. When not operating, can be dragged away from the car; according to can also be installed in the car household appliances, reducer, electric flat car operation immediately by the car drag or promote walking, generally used for cleaning room, sandblasting room, car paint room, etc..

Electric flatbed truck key use and dynamic lift to pick up water billet car, etc.; brick factory, kiln factory, refractory factory, ceramic manufacturers, cultivation factory with electric type loading kiln car, electric type out of the kiln car, etc.; engineering projects, tunnel construction, environmental health with electric transport truck, electric type dump truck, electric type environmental health clearing rubbish truck, etc. Electric transporters and electric tipping trucks are also used in starch plants, mining plants, steel rolling plants, pharmaceutical plants, recycle waste plants, breeding plants, etc.

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