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Temporary repair method for battery failure of battery powered transfer carriage


Temporary repair method for battery failure of battery powered transfer carriage

During daily use, we often find that the battery of the battery powered transfer carriage can't work normally, and we can't get replacement from the manufacturer for replacement. In order not to delay the company's production, we will explain a temporary repair method.
First of all, when we found that the battery of battery powered transfer carriage failed in the work, the battery powered transfer carriage can not drive, first contact the manufacturer to send the same type of battery to replace, and then start the emergency battery repair step.
Preparation tools: Two-size screwdriver, two bottles of infusion tube (for controlling flow rate), 5ml needle tube, distilled water (available in supermarkets), PVC glue, and battery-matched lead-acid batteries with 4 sections.
Then start the operation:
First of all: First open the cover of the battery, remember to be gentle and do not use too much force when the cover is closed, or the metal cookware contacts the battery liquid to cause a short circuit, so that the battery pack is damaged. Then use a needle to draw 5ml of distilled water into each hole, then use the size of the screwdriver to replace and insert the gap next to the battery cover until the large one reaches the right center of the battery.
Secondly: The battery can be recharged. You don't need to close the insulating rubber cap on the head. You can cover it with paper and charge for 6 hours, then wait for the lamp to light for 2 hours until you can't see the flowing water.
Finally: After charging, cover the cover and the insulating rubber cap, and make a very small holes on the battery cover to ensure the exhaust gas can be released during charging and discharging the battery.
According to the above battery temporary repair method steps.

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