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How to inspect 30 ton transfer cart


How to inspect 30 ton transfer cart

After using 30 ton transfer cart for a period of time, in order to ensure that the performance has been maintained in a relatively good state and the life is longer, it is generally necessary to carry out regular routine inspections to see if there are any hidden dangers and problems, and solve them in time, examples of electric flat cars. Line inspection generally requires a focus on the following areas.
The first part is the body part of 30 ton transfer cart. To keep the whole cart clean and tidy, the cart body is not deformed, and the platform is flat without obvious craters.
Followed by the electrical part of 30 ton transfer cart: 
1.To check whether the electrical switch is sensitive and easy to use. 
2.Electrical insulation is good. 
3.Whether the bell sound is loud.
There is also the walking mechanism: 
1.The state of the brakes, to be sensitive and easy to use, the brake wheel contact is correct and there is no serious wear.
2.The reducer has sufficient oil, the oil quality is up to standard, no dust and other debris.
3.Check whether the wheel contact of 30 ton transfer cart is correct, and the rotation is good or bad.
4.Check if the motor, coupling and reduction gear are loose and the operation is normal or not.

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