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Loading 15 ton Steel Coil Transfer Cart


 Customer Profile:

Wang Li Security Technology Co., LTD. (formerly Wang Li Security Products Co., LTD.) is located in China’s hardware capital (China gate capital) a Zhejiang – Yongkang was founded in March 2005, the registered capital of 165 million yuan, the main production of Wang Li brand anti-theft security doors, anti-theft locks, fire doors, garage doors, stainless steel doors, copper doors, imitation copper doors, etc..
Project Description:
Wang Li Security Technology Co., Ltd. purchased a Steel Coil Transfer Cart, which mainly adopts flat car to carry steel coil, and transports the steel coil from the uncoiler to other places through the Steel Coil Transfer Cart.

1. Steel Coil Transfer Cart has the advantages of safety and flexibility, no distance restriction, adjustable speed, smooth start, large starting moment, small impact on reducer, low voltage, long service life and so on. The track laying requirements are not high, and are suitable for occasions with low frequency and long distance transportation.
2. DC motor is selected for powered Steel Coil Transfer Cart, which is suitable for frequent use and has higher safety and mobility. In order to meet the high frequency transportation environment, it can be equipped with a hard gear reducer, which makes the later maintenance of flat cars simpler.
3. The mechanism of this series of powered Steel Coil Transfer Cart is relatively simple, easy to repair, easy to disassemble and assemble, strong bearing capacity, long service life, low requirements for track laying, low cost, suitable for harsh environment, high temperature environment and other occasions.
4. The powered Steel Coil Transfer Cart are suitable for various use environments. They can work in indoor, outdoor, inflammable and explosive environments. They can also be equipped with hydraulic devices and buffer devices. Simple operation, in the case of long distance transportation,the flat car can add on-board operating platform to meet customer long-distance transportation and realize humanized design.
5. The powered Steel Coil Transfer Cart can add PLC control system, automatic rail car, greatly increase efficiency.

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