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Hydraulic lift electric transfer cart how to achieve smooth positioning?


 Hydraulic lift electric transfer cart how to achieve smooth positioning? How does it work?
Hydraulic lifting electric transfer cart using pressure produced by the rotation of the hydraulic motor, hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, with oil pressure because of the large oil density, viscosity, not easy compression, can ensure that its smooth, pressure pipe is thin tube, flow is small, and trip pack limited position switch, automatic stop after arrival location. Lift electric transfer car lift 1 m high, hydraulic cylinder will appear skimming cylinder? Lifting height is generally very low, we use hydraulic cylinder directly contact jacking mesa, when more than 0.8 m, the hydraulic cylinder is alone cannot meet, need to be on the basis of the hydraulic cylinder increase scissors or pillar, mainly in order to keep the electric flat car in the process of lifting force uniform, do not tilt, ensure flat wagon not leave cylinders, hydraulic lifting height of flat wagon within 5 m shear fork. The above is Perfect told you the little knowledge, Perfect company in the increasingly competitive market, has been studying the new project of electric transfer cart a professional after-sales team to solve your after-sales problems, there are other questions can consult online customers, quickly answer for you.

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