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BTL-14T cable towing electric flat carriage


 BTL-14T cable towing electric flat carriage
BTL rail electric flat cars do not go far easily. If long runs are required, intermediate points of power supply can be used. To prevent wear and tear of the cable during long runs, a trailing cable can be installed, which protects the cable and extends its service life and makes it safer.

Winter temperature is low, the electric control reel towing cable is easily damaged by freezing, check the integrity of the line before using a section. Dragging electric flat car when running long distances, pay attention to avoid winding the wire. If found winding, do not pull hard, so as to avoid the wire due to cold and fragile. Test run the car empty to see if the electric flat car is running smoothly and to test if the buttons are normal. When using in daily life it is more important to avoid stepping on and smashing the wire on the electric flat car causing a short circuit in the rolled wire.

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