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The orbital battery powered transfer car manufacturer briefly describes the skills of adjusting the chain


 The orbital battery powered transfer car manufacturer briefly describes the skills of adjusting the chain     

Chain release repair: One of the causes could be that the chain is too loose, please adjust the chain tightness. The reason for this is that the sprocket, chain and flywheel are not on the same plane. Repair as follows: Remove the sprocket and check if the sprocket is deformed or worn. Please repair and replace the sprocket. Pay attention to the position of the flywheel and rear wheel for deviation, if there is deviation, please make adjustment. If the flywheel is worn, replace it. Deformed or worn chain, replace chain. Please note that the direction of the joints of the chain links is opposite to the direction of movement of the chain links.

The manufacturer of rail electric handling heavy duty car should do daily maintenance to ensure that the surface of the equipment is clean and tidy, there will be no accumulation of dust and grease; running time is 500~6 months, maintenance content: clean equipment hygiene tightening, coupling bolts in various places, oiling of the bearing seat, oiling of the guide column. Running 2000 hours or once a year maintenance; maintenance content: clean equipment, tighten the connection bolts in various places, gear oil in the reducer, reducer bearing cover, motor bearings with grease. Factory electric flatbed truck need to pay attention to the chain interface of the start bias and the opposite direction of the chain activity, pay attention to the same usual maintenance, can effectively extend the service life and save maintenance costs!

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