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What is the role of heavy duty mold rail cart battery?


What is the role of heavy duty mold rail cart battery?

The heavy duty mold rail cart is an electric flat car that uses a battery as a power source. The service life of the battery can be up to three years, and a full charge can run for 6 hours.
The role of the battery is as follows:
1. Provide power to the electric equipment when the flatbed generator does not generate electricity or the voltage is low.
2. When the power consumption of the electrical equipment exceeds the power supply capacity of the generator in a short time, assist the generator to supply power to the electrical equipment.
3. When starting the heavy duty mold rail cart engine, supply a large current to the starter. Therefore, it is called a starting battery.
4. The battery of heavy duty mold rail cart is equivalent to a large capacitor, which can absorb the overvoltage generated by the generator at any time, and protect the transistor and prolong its service life.
5. When the storage capacity of the heavy duty mold rail carriage battery is insufficient, and the load of the generator is small, it can convert the electrical energy of the motor into chemical energy for storage (that is, charging).

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