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The wire rope electric hoist brief introduction


    wire rope electric hoist is a light duty lifting equipment which with the advantage of compact structure, light weight, small volume, parts versatility, convenient operation, etc.It can be separately installed on the i-steel, also can installed matching with electric single girder crane, double girder crane, jib crane , gantry crane.
    The capacity of the wire rope electric hoist is 0.5t/1t/2T/3T/5T/10T/16T/20T.The standard wire rope in meters is 6M/9M/12M/18M/24M/30M.the wire rope electric hoist divided into CD1 and MD1 two types.

    1,Reducer-the gear transmission mechanism is to use level 3 a fixed axle, gear and axle has been heat treated alloy steel,box, box cover is made from high quality cast iron which assembly tight and sealing is good.
    2,Control box: which used to cut off the main circuit in case of an emergency, and up and down with a trip to protect fire stop device.
    3,wire rope:which adopting the hoisting wire rope,it ensures the durable.
    4,motor-lifting motor with large dynamic torque conical rotor asynchronous motor, no need brake.
    5,button switch-using hand type, light and flexible, have string manipulation and wireless remote control two types.

    The component of the wire rope electric hoist is Reducer, control box, wire rope, motor, button switch.
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