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What Is RGV


 RGV is the abbreviation of Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV), also known as rail transfer car. It can be programmed to achieve the tasks of picking up, transporting, placing, etc., and can communicate with the host computer or WMS system, combining RFID and bar code identification technology to achieve automatic identification and access functions.


RGV car is divided into the following two types according to the mode of movement: one is linear reciprocating, mainly used for various types of high-density storage warehouses, which can improve the storage capacity of the entire warehouse. One is the circular track type, which can work at the same time, mainly used for production lines, which can improve the production efficiency of production. RGV is developed from reciprocating RGV. The track is arranged in a closed loop in the plane, and RGV runs one-way along the track. The circular track can run multiple RGVS at the same time, thus improving the shortcomings of the limited conveying capacity of reciprocating RGV.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the logistics industry, RGV car has been widely used in automated three-dimensional warehouses and daily necessities, medicine, tobacco and bottled box products and other industries of continuous production lines, and with its fast and accurate characteristics and gradually won the recognition of the majority of users.

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