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The application of weighing and weighing track flat car


The application of weighing and weighing track flat car

Henan perfect handling equipment co., LTD., the production Track flat car. A wide range of single structurally, the mesa rail car can be equipped with a variety of fixed bracket, roller support, weighing platform, etc., can also be mesa hollow out. Today, we will make a brief explanation on the application of the weighing and weighing track flat car.

Weighing and Weighing track flat car, is easy to transport, requires precise weight of the goods, and bad handling heavy objects. Shown below the Track flat car. For BJT - 80 - t, is used to transport ladle, it can real-time display the weight of the ladle, until you reach the weight of the need to, at the same time, also omitted again weighing steps, shortened the time into the next procedure, largely saves manpower and time, to realize the simultaneous transport weighing state.

In the smelting industry, there are many large metal objects, such as steel water and iron water, weighing and weighing track flat car indispensable for transportation.

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