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Vacuum Equipment Transfer Cart in USA


     The electric flat transfer car is a countertop flat car carrying BTL-100t guide rail. The equipment is composed of fixed car body, moving car body, skip in and out system, flat car fixing system, steel rail outside the furnace, electrical control system, tow chain, limit photoelectric switch, etc.

    Equipment use: The workpiece transfer cart in the vacuum furnace is transported into and out of the furnace body, the guide rail inside and outside the vacuum furnace is connected and the ferry car outside the furnace is translated.


    Scope of supply: variable frequency speed regulating device, control box, alarm system, position limiting system, protection motor device, automatic overtemperature protection.

Technology control electric flat car technical requirements

Control mode: handheld wireless remote control switch point, combined with action, control forward and backward, control accuracy to be determined. Driving sound and light alarm.

Features Overview: Pre-set the working frequency, starting time, current limit size, so as to ensure that the motor starts smoothly, the speed changes evenly and no noise; Set time, accelerate to rated speed; Reliable protection characteristics, the voltage is too high or too low will not work, protect the motor; Overtemperature automatic protection, restore normal temperature can continue to work normally.

Power supply: AC 380 volt three-phase power supply;

Speed: Full load speed about 0 ~ 10 m/min, uniform acceleration.

Vehicle control requirements: Accurate positioning of the vacuum furnace and trolley on the track (positioning error ±3mm, alignment positioning error ±1mm).


The trolley has a braking system.
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