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Automatic heavy duty battery powered transfer carriage


 Advantages of automatic heavy duty battery powered transfer carriage: simple structure, easy to use, large load capacity, not afraid of dirt and smashing, easy maintenance, long service life, etc., because of its convenience, practical, easy to clean and many other advantages.

  Qingdao Shuangke Casting Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful seaside city of Qingdao. Ltd. is located in the beautiful seaside city of Qingdao, and was founded in 2010 as an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.
  After years of hard development, the company now has more than 60 sets of various special production equipment and more than 20 professional technicians, and has developed and produced seven categories of products such as RGV intelligent conveying line which can replace manual labor, automatic iron transfer system which replaces crane and forklift, pouring machine which is suitable for all kinds of moulding lines, ferro-silicon transfer and pouring system which is suitable for ferro-silicon alloy enterprises, various automatic heavy duty battery powered transfer carriage, trackless flat cars, automatic post-furnace batching, etc. Nearly 100 kinds of products.steerable trackless transfer carts

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