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Xinxiang Perfect 10 tonne trackless trolley delivered in Jining


 Xinxiang Perfect 10 tonne trackless trolley delivered in Jining

In recent days, Perfect has delivered a 10-tonne trackless truck in Jining, Shandong Province.
Project description
Jining has a long history and culture and rich human tourism resources. In 2021, the city's gross regional product in Jining will achieve 506.996 billion yuan. The object of this cooperation is Shandong Yuxin Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Co. Ltd. right in Jining, Shandong Province, where Parfitt successfully delivered a 10t load railless trolley. Shandong Yuxin Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. saw our products on the official website and asked us for a 10t load railless truck in February 2022. The company mainly produces construction machinery parts production, sales; self-supporting and agent general business items of goods and technology import and export business (except for the goods and technology that the state limited company operation or prohibited import and export); light steel structure and aluminum alloy, plastic steel doors and windows production; high and low voltage electrical appliances, electromechanical equipment spare parts, distribution boxes and cabinets, metal tools, office equipment sales, development production, maintenance, sales and technical services, work on precision machining.
Equipment configuration
One BXC-1.2t trackless trolley, table size 2200*900, voltage should not be greater than 42 V. On a 36 V track, the end of the line should start at not less than 30 V, otherwise it needs to add compensation line.
Technical requirements for rail flat carriage
Mr. Li, the manager of the equipment department, used this car to carry aluminium alloy workpieces and asked for a BXC-10t with a table size of 1500*1200. The whole car requires a box-beam steel structure for the frame, easy maintenance for receiving orders, well-known manufacturers' accessories for the electrical and drive systems, easy-to-use operating system and precise positioning; a trackless trolley with safety guards.
electric transfer carts
Project evaluation
Through the understanding of our company and site visits, our technical strength is very recognized, ready for the next in-depth conversation 5 reasons for choosing Perfect.
1. Peace of mind: attentive protection, load factor 15
2. Unlimited running time: can work 24 hours at high frequency
3. Carrying 1-500T: customised load, thick and durable, effortless to carry heavy loads
4. Low requirements for track laying: simple installation and low requirements for track laying
5. Simple mechanism: simple and cheap mechanism

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