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Design advantages of the new trackless coil car


Design advantages of the new trackless coil car

With the continuous development of electric flat car manufacturing technology, the performance advantages of trackless coil cars are also increasing. Now, in addition to the previous advantages, the new type of trackless coil cars are more advanced and intelligent in design and application. 
It can give users a better experience. Next, let's take a look at the new highlights of the new trackless coil car!
1. Firstly, the new type of trackless coil car runs at full speed with stepless speed regulation, which makes the flat car more stable during operation, and can also adjust its large running speed according to different use environments.
2. The bottom of the main body of the trolley carriage bearing frame is equipped with 2 universal wheels and 2 trackless drive wheels, and these four wheels are colloidal material, imported raw materials, not only resistant to pressure, but also more wear-resistant.
3. In addition, the electric control box of the new trackless coil car is equipped with a remote control and a handle to control the flat car separately, and the control is more convenient and stable.
4. The battery power supply system of the new trackless coil car can meet the needs of continuous use and ensure the operation of the electric flat car.
5. The two universal wheels of the trackless coil car are also linked by the balance beam and the load-bearing frame. When the road surface is not flat, the principle of the lever can be used to adjust the force of the wheel, so that the trackless coil car can be evenly received under load-bearing conditions. Force to make it last longer, while also ensuring operational safety.

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