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What is the principle design of cable drum powered transfer car?


 What is the principle design of cable drum powered transfer car?

Cable drum powered transfer car should be carried out rust treatment and paint. Our company's main products are: Electric transfer car, rail powered transfer car, trackless transfer car and so on. According their working principle, our company can design all kinds of electric transfer cars. We have advanced and complete production equipment and testing instruments, exquisite manufacturing and construction technology. In addition, the products have the following advantages: long service life, safe and simple operation, beautiful appearance and so on.  Adhering to the purpose of the quality first, reputation first, product quality as life, for the majority of users to provide satisfactory products and excellent service is the purpose of our company. 
Working principle: The cable of this series electric transfer car introduces alternating current into the vehicle control system, and the cable is wound on the drum, so the cable can be freely retracted and released as transfer car moves. The control system controls the start, forward, backward and stop of the electric transfer car by controlling the AC motor. Selection of reference: Cable drum is divided into: spring-driven cable drum and motor driven cable drum. The spring-driven cable reel is used to control the winding and discharging of the cable, mainly used for cranes, which should be used for derusting and paint electric stacking device or waste water treatment technology. 
Detailed part description : The anti-corrosion standard of the electric transfer car : The surface of the equipment should be derusted. After rust removal, we need to spray paint the transfer car. Only in this way to extend the service life of electric transfer car. 

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