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Main technical parameters of motorised rail vehicle


Main technical parameters of motorised rail vehicle

The motorised rail vehicle is powered by electricity. As a vehicle that is driven, driven, and transported by an electric motor, the driving device is a DC motor or an AC motor, an electric motor, a speed reducer, a shaft, or the like to drive the wheel to rotate, and the remote controller applies such an operation. With advance, back and stop.
motorised rail vehicles are used for rapid processing of materials in workshops, warehouses, factories, industrial areas and other places. The manufacture and manufacture of enterprises is inseparable from the help of motorised rail vehicle, which enables material transfer from one storage location to another, reducing labor intensity, efficiency, safety and time.
The motorised rail vehicle is an in-plant rail electric transport vehicle. First of all, it is a rail transport vehicle. It needs to lay tracks on the ground. The track is usually an I-shaped surface contact. Behind the track is an electric vehicle, which is automatically driven by a motor reducer. Again, it is a flatbed truck with a flat surface and no cover. In special cases, it can also be non-planar but without a cover. The body has only the forward steering wheel. The motorised rail vehicle has seven main technical parameters: power supply mode, load tonnage, table size, table height, track length, track spacing and operating mode. The important technical parameters are the power supply mode and the deadweight tonnage. The power supply method determines its model and determines its specifications based on the load tonnage.

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