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Mold Transfer Cart Delivered


 Project Description: The company mainly purchased our company's electric transfer car is mainly to carry the mold, to achieve the mold warehouse to the press linear transportation, so as to achieve fast the effect of changing the mold.


Main technical requirements

1. Frame structure steel plate welding structure safety load factor 1.25

2. Ground The ground must be hardened

3. Dimensions (mm) Length 6000 x width 2800 can be customized

transfer cart

User's evaluation


By Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. for our equipment manufacturing green energy saving, moving truck equipment, after use proved that the product performance is stable, scientific structure, good running condition, energy saving effect is significant, than the traditional handling equipment environmental protection no pollution. Meet the requirements of our company, and truly realize the integration of green energy saving. For more details, please send inquiry to us.


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