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Factory used material electric transfer car


Factory used material electric transfer car

Factory used material electric transfer car is a kind of material rail transfer car, it can be seen at many and various factories, it has many advantages for all kinds of factory, such as convenient to transfer various shape material, equipment,and save cost and labor,it also can equipped with the crane to work, is helpful for the development of the company.
The electric transfer car not only can work in the warehouse, also can work between the factory.Of course, the distance can not be too long, but the normal distance in the factory can be realized. It is the first choice for the factory transportation.
The reasons why so many choose the electric transfer car are so many, such as it simple structure,convenient to use, esaily operate although has no experince. Then,the electric transfer car has large load capacity, long service life, adopt box beam structure for the little table deformation, and the maintaince is easy, the wheel’s material is cast steel,equipped with two bearing pedestals,harden surface,low noise and rotate freely.     The material  electric transfer car has high safety performance, has many device for it, such as the warning light, emergency stop button, bumper, limite switch, rail sweep device, etc.

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