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Installation method of electric flatbed truck rails.


Installation method of electric flatbed truck rails.

Electric flatbed trucks are divided into two types: rail and rail, and the assembly and adjustment of the trackless flat car are relatively simple, but the flatness of the road surface cannot exceed 5 degrees. The assembly of electric flatbed rails varies according to the form of power distribution, and the installation methods and installation common problems of the rails are also different.

electric trackless carts

For example, the electric flatbed truck with three power supply methods of rechargeable battery distribution, tow cable power supply, and cable rewinding machine distribution, the installation regulations for the electric flatbed car rail are basically the same, the installation regulations are relatively simple, and the installation should be strictly installed according to the inner side distance data information of the level rail, once the side spacing of the track is inconsistent with the wheelbase of the level car, it is more inconvenient to correct.

The installation of the rails of large-ton electric flatbed trucks must be well cushioned to prevent the collapse of the rail foundation in the light-load transportation, resulting in rail jams or damage to machinery and equipment when the electric flatbed truck is driving.

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