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industrial trailer dispatch note


industrial trailer dispatch note

Perfect company supply 6 sets of industrial trailer to liyang city a machinery co., LTD.,
on September 17, 2016, a production by henan perfect handling equipment co., LTD of 
industrial trailer, has been sent to the factory - changzhou liyang city of jiangsu province a machinery co., LTD.

industrial trailer is designed to produce electric flat car with power supply electric flat car as the leading product. The company has customized production according to the requirements of a mechanical company limited in liyang city, changzhou city, jiangsu province.

 industrial trailer (safe load factor 150%); 1600 * 1250 * 1250; Cable power supply; Remote control. The car manufacturer after qc inspection, confirmed its various functions has reached the requirement of the customer standards, and quality inspection personnel to site acceptance by the user, all kinds of accessory of accessories and the point inspection
5t, 10t, 20t Rail Type Transfer Car for Heavy Materials, Steel Coil Handling Large Table Electric Flat Bed Rail Transfer Car

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