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How to quickly understand AGV RGV


Automated Guided Vehicle is also called as AGV, refers to the transport cart equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices, which can travel along the set guidance path, with safety protection and various load transfer functions. The driver is not required in use, and the power source is provided by battery or lithium battery. Its path and behavior can generally be controlled by programs, using the electromagnetic path-following system to set its path, which is mounted on the floor, and the AGV relies on the information brought by the electromagnetic track to move and act. RGV refers to an AGV that uses rail as its guidance path.


RGV is a rail-guided vehicle, also known as a rail-guided shuttle car, this type of car is mainly used in various high-density storage methods of three-dimensional warehouses, the car channel can be designed to be any length. Because of its simple structure and strong ability to resist external interference, RGV has few fault locations.

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