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Hoisting wire rope installation steps instruction


    Hoisting wire rope using very commonly in cranes,so the safe handling hoisting wire rope very important.Today BEFANBY interpretation of the wire rope installation steps for you.

    Step 1,Unwind:First,put the wire rope plated on the scaffold,also can be use a steel pipe through the rope plate hole;Second,both ends on a rope sling;Third,when turning the wooden tray, with sackcloth exerting a certain resistance to wire rope,made the steel wire rope has been always tensioning, cannot let the wire rope ground roll,

    Step 2,Arrangement on the reel:winding direction must on the direction of wire rope lay:right twisting rope arrangement from left to right,left twisting rope arrangement from right to left.The winding should be neat, tight,from the bottom to the layer in accordance with the arrangement,Avoid partial around, clamp around, s-shaped around.    

    Step 3,Shearing:before shearing the wire rope installation should be tied it with steel on the cut of both sides of 10-20 mm apart.Strapping length is 1-4 times of the wire rope diameter,Then cut the wire rope using a cutting tool.

    This text only the installation of the hoisting wire rope,BEFANBY will provide more information about the hoisting wire rope daily maintenance,repair,inspection for you.

    (BEFANBY provide those information for you,more professional crane information:www.crane-supplier.com)

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