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What should we do if there is a load failure on the heavy material transfer car?


What should we do if there is a load failure on the heavy material transfer car?

In order to let the heavy material transfer car exert its good use effect, it is necessary to understand and master the relevant knowledge of the equipment in many aspects, so that the problem can be discovered and dealt with in time. In the process of using the trackless flat car, three problems are more likely to occur, which are load failure, serious bore wear and difficulty in disassembly.
In these cases, we first check whether it is caused by the poor sealing effect of the load-bearing bearing under the flat car pallet, which will cause impurities to mix into the interior, resulting in reduced accuracy of the inner and outer ring of the bearing and difficulty in rotation.
At the same time, electric flat car manufacturers remind users that when the heavy material transfer car equipment is running, if the temperature is too high, it will lead to the failure of the lubricating grease inside the bearing and the inconvenience of adding lubricating oil. In this way, the heavy material transfer car will be in a dry grinding state for a long time, and naturally it is necessary to increase the internal wear of the bearing.
How to solve this situation? Faced with this problem, we need to disassemble it, and then repair it. Before disassembling, first check where there is a problem with the trackless flat car, and specify the fault to a certain configuration or component. If it is a trackless flat car with more serious faults, it requires a lot of work to repair and takes a long time to repair.
Therefore, disassembly and repair work should also be carried out by professional personnel. It is not allowed to debug at will. If there are other problems, it is necessary to communicate with the electric flat car manufacturer in time.

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