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heavy duty flat rail car


The low-voltage rail-type heavy duty flat rail car is powered down to 36V through the ground cabinet and then sent to the conductive track. The heavy duty flat rail car passes the on-board electric conductor and the electric motor slider, and the electric power is introduced into the on-board step-up transformer, and the power supply is boosted and sent to the on-board electric control box. Pay attention to the following points when operating this series of flat cars:
1. The conductive track and the ground are insulated between the track and the track. Before using the flat car, ensure that the conductive surface of the conductive track has no foreign matter, oil, rust, dust, etc., which affects the conductive body. If yes, please clear the conductive surface to the grinding surface, and ensure that the conductive surface can be reliably conductive.
2. Before the ground power cabinet sends out the power supply, check whether there are any metal objects between the two (or three) conductive tracks that exceed the short circuit. If so, please clean up.
3. After the ground power cabinet is sent out, the voltmeter and ammeter indication on the cabinet are normal. The voltmeter should be slightly higher than 36V. The current meter indicates that the current is small and stable without shaking.

heavy duty flat rail car

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