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Brief introduction to PERFECT Ground rail motor


 Brief introduction to PERFECT Ground rail motor

Henan Perfect handling equipment co., LTD., the production of Ground rail car, it USES electric equipment, also is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy of the machine parts, motor, the motor or motor, is the company's Ground rail car on the main parts, divided into the following two categories:
1. Dc motor, which is mainly used for battery power supply and two-phase low-voltage track power supply electric railcar, with high start-up torque, strong overload capacity, easy speed regulation and excellent performance.
2. Ac motor, often used for power supply of cable drum, power supply of sliding contact line, power supply of three-phase low-voltage track, and ground rail car with power supply of tow cable. It can realize soft start, reduce the impact on the equipment, save energy, and low volume cost, and can be controlled by inverter.
At the same time, Ground rail motor is also divided into brushless motor and brushless motor. The company produces the ground rail car commonly is brushless motor, the failure rate is low, the performance is reliable, does not wear and the efficiency is high.
To rail car motor power is based on their dead weight matching, therefore in the process of using Ground rail motor overload load, otherwise, can cause damage to the motor, and shorten its service life.

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