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The Application of electric windlass


    The electric windlass also called crane winch, electric winch. It is a light duty material lifting or pulling equipment.
    The electric windlass is usually used individual or worked together with double girder gantry crane or double overhead crane.When it works individual, it is fixed on the ground or something strong structures.
    The electric windlass is widely used in serious occasions, such as shipyard, port, road construction, workshop or other industries. For example, it can used in port to pull boats or anchors. It also can fixed on the beach, to pull heavy load trolleys.    
    When it used on the boats, the purpose of the electric windlass is pulling the anchors from the water or the sea. When the boats or ships reach to the shoreside, it can be used to fixed the boats to avoid winding away.
    Generally, the cable of the electric windlass is wire rope, because the wire rope has strong pulling ability. But if possible, the wire rope can be exchanged by cables.
    When the electric windlass is used together with the double girder crane, there are for crane wheels installed on it, so it car travel on the crane girders freely.
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