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Electric Rail Guide Vehicle


The KPD series 
electric rail guide vehicle is a 36V single-phase (three-phase) low-voltage rail-powered electric flat car powered by rail slide lines. The ground step-down transformer control cabinet steps down the single-phase (three-phase) AC 380V to single-phase (three-phase) 36V, feeds it to the flat car via the track slip line, and then boosts the single-phase (three-phase) via the on-board step-up transformer. ) AC 380V. Electric rail guide vehicle's power is supplied to the single-phase capacitor motor for flat cars (YZ lifting metallurgical motors for three-phase). Because it does not use cables, it is safe and reliable, not afraid of hot, not afraid of smashing, does not hinder cross-transportation, and is easy to realize remote control and automation. It is very convenient to transport the plant. However, the track construction requirements are relatively high, and the track insulation must be ensured. When the distance exceeds a certain running distance, the track should be compensated with a copper row. The number of step-down transformers must also be increased when the operating distance is long.
electric rail guide vehicle

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