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The main steps of electric flat car design


 The main steps of electric flat car design

Electric flat car with its practicality, has been recognized by numerous industrial enterprises, and has been widely used. However, due to the different characteristics of various industries and enterprises, there is a large difference in their use and appearance structure.
Henan perfect transportation equipment co., LTD. Has an electric flat car design. Experienced senior engineering technical team. In practice, the design steps of electric flat car are summarized as follows:
First, want to make sure the customers to use electric flat car use (that is to say, is used to do), because of different industries, different functions and characteristics of the even in the same industry, the purpose is different, the structure of the electric flat car design, there are great differences too.
Second, electric flat car design confirm the customer's requirements for the load requirements and appearance dimensions of electric flat cars. These are useful for calculating the strength and material of the frame.
Third, electric flat car design confirm customer's operation distance and speed requirement of electric flat car. This is used to determine the optimal power supply for the car, to calculate the deceleration ratio and drive power.
Fourth, confirm the customers' requirements on the track and gauge of electric flat car.
Fifth, electric flat car design understand the customer's price for electric car.
Finally, it is necessary to understand the other special requirements of the customers.
Through the understanding, confirmation and calculation of the above steps, the concrete structure of the car can be conceived, and the working diagram is designed.


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