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Electric Customized Mold Cart


1. On the production line of movable room, there are many workstations, usually dozens of workstations, and the site is large, dozens of workstations form a circular production line. Therefore, electric customized mold cart is adopted to lay tracks on the ground, and electric customized mold cart is used to automate transportation. It stops automatically at each workstation, runs smoothly, does not need special operation, does not need to unload, and the production can be transferred to the finished product warehouse.
2. It is used for breaking and disassembling polycrystalline silicon rods. Because it is used in dust-free workshop, rubber wheels are used to prevent static electricity. Influenced by the medium in the workshop, explosion-proof treatment should be adopted, and explosion-proof components such as motors, reducers and electrical appliances should be used. Because of the complexity of the production line, the central control automation system is often used to realize automatic weighing and recording, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
Electric Customized Mold Cart

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