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Daily maintenance of electric trucks


Daily maintenance of electric trucks .

Due to the long use time of electric trucks, the failure rate is higher than that of electric stacker trucks. Maintenance is as follows:
1. Always pay attention to checking the wear of the load-bearing wheel, balance wheel and drive wheel of the electric truck, and should be replaced in time.
2. Check whether the structure of each part of the electric truck has cracks, whether the screws are loose, and whether there is oil leakage.
3. Whether the electric truck voltmeter is within the range of use, when the power is insufficient, it should be charged in time to prevent the loss of the battery and affect the service life of the battery.
4. When the electric truck is driving, test whether the electromagnetic brake is easy to use. 5. During the charging process of electric truck, pay attention to checking and adjusting the specific gravity and liquid level height of the electrolyte to ensure the quality of charging. 6. When charging the electric truck, pay attention to keeping the charging environment clean and ventilated, the charging equipment and the battery must be isolated, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.

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