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Customized Trackless Transfer Cart Delivered


 Install the customer's two types of rotating lifting arms on the trackless transfer cart (the two types of lifting arms are respectively type a column height of 3.5 meters, cantilever length of 3.8 meters, type b column height of 2.5 meters, cantilever length of 5 meters). The rotating lifting arms installed on the transfer cart can safely and smoothly lift the weight of no more than 200KG at any Angle, and there is no overturning, and the transfer car runs stably. The size of the transfer car was increased to 1400mm and the weight was 2.5t. The project successfully helped customers save huge costs, reduce the number of mechanical arms, control costs, and achieve multi-station work with a mechanical arm and a mobile transfer cart.

For more types of heavy load material handling trolley from Perfect Transfer Cart Manufacturer, you can also send inquiry to us.

customized trackless transfer cart

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