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Customized Electric Battery Trackless Transfer Cart Solution


 The customer is one of the largest enterprises in the silicone industry in China. The company has built and operated two sets of silicone monomer production units, with an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons of silicone monomer (equivalent to about 118,000 tons of polysiloxane). According to the production capacity of polysiloxane, the company ranks among the top ten in the silicone industry in the world and the fourth in China, and the vehicle is responsible for the transfer of silicone raw materials.

trackless transfer cart

The customer customized is an electric trackless transfer cart, the power supply method of the car is battery power supply, the advantages can be transferred anywhere in the factory, forward and backward, while walking to turn, but also in place 360 degrees rotation, and the car parts have explosion-proof function, in the flammable and explosive workshop can be used normally. The car uses wired handle and wireless remote control operation mode, carrying capacity of 30 tons. The countertop size is 5000x3000x700, which has been used well by customers so far.


The operation of the transfer cart has improved the working efficiency of the company and solved the problem of the company's heavy raw material transfer difficulties.

Transfer cart are not just vehicles; they are strategic assets for industries seeking to optimize their material handling processes. Partner with us to harness the full potential of these specialized trolleys, propelling your industrial operations into a future of efficiency, safety, and adaptability. For more types of heavy load material handling trolley from Perfect Transfer Cart Manufacturer, you can also send inquiry to us.

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